Hey everyone - this is Michelle, your trusty photographer friend. A little bit about me: I am a wife to a wonderful man who supports me and all of my businesses and ideas. But most importantly, believes that I can do or be anything that I want to be. I have three adorable and healthy children who have stolen my heart but at the same time make me crazy. I love the chaos and I prayed really hard for them all. When I was younger, all I ever wanted to be was a mother and I always try to remind myself of that on our hardest days. Then there is my dog, Delilah, who is about to be 9 years old and I am not ready to deal with her getting elderly on me. I love her more than she could ever know! We live in a quaint little village in Germany and we are trying our best to take advantage of the opportunity to live abroad! Some of my favorite places we have traveled to so far are London, Amsterdam and Bruges (Belgium). My FAVORITE part about living here is experiencing all of the Christmas markets. We NEED to make that a thing in America. 

My husband is in in the military and we move a lot. I consider myself to be a creative person and hopping around from job to job really wasn't cutting it. I was unfulfilled and I wanted more. I have always loved to take photos of people. It is something I have enjoyed since I was a teenager and got my first digital camera. I practiced shooting a lot, practiced some more, spent hours and hours teaching myself Photoshop and researching manual mode. I shot eight million photos of my dog and then I was ready. I started this little business and here we are.

If I'm being honest, which I am, I really don't hold much back (just ask my friends), I NEED photography in my life. It is my creative outlet. It is a little escape from motherhood and I truly love being able to work with my clients.

Above you will find some recent photos I took of my three precious babies! I am so in love with them and they truly make my life better. They are work, but GOODNESS I love them. They are my favorite subjects to photograph and I think they enjoy it as much as I do.